OCD if you didn’t know is a mental disorder that affects between 2 and 3 percent of the population.  OCD is when you have Obsessive thoughts that then lead to having the need to complete tasks or rituals Compulsions, otherwise you will have increased Anxiety.

My O.C.D affects me in all sorts of ways.  I have thoughts that would lead me to do things, when the thoughts are there to get rid of them.  It may be touching an item, counting items or moving things which is also triggered by another problem I have called Perfectionism Disorder.  I have increased Anxiety at times from having OCD and social Anxiety,  which lead to panic attacks.

Some of my compultions happen to be the usual ones that people tend to associate with OCD like washing my hands, checking locks and windows, checking candles, turning appliances on and off multiple times like the cooker and lights,

When I get anxious I Tap, pinch and pull things until I can do something that releases the anxiety. If i don’t do that it would tend to lead to a panic attack.