Dandy-Walker Syndrome

There are many different causes for Hydrocephalus.  Some are present from birth whilst others are acquired later on in life.

The cause of my Hydrocephalus is is a condition called Dandy-walker Syndrome.  Dandy-Walker syndrome is a rare group of congenital brain malformations which mainly affects the cerebellum which controls muscle coordination. The forth Ventricle which is located at the back of the brain is also enlarged and this affects the correct drainage of cereal-spinal fluid (CSF) thus causing increased pressure in the brain (Hydrocephalus)

Up to half of affected people have intellectual disability that ranges from mild to severe, and those with normal intelligence may have learning disabilities. Children with Dandy–Walker malformation often have delayed development, particularly a delay in motor skills such as crawling, walking, and coordinating movements. People with Dandy–Walker malformation can also experience muscle stiffness and partial paralysis of the lower limbs (spastic paraplegia), and they may also have seizures. While rare, hearing and vision problems can be features of this condition.

There are things from my childhood that I now look back on and link with Dandy-walker as I was only diagnosed with the condition just over 2 years ago but was told that I have had the condition since birth.  My speech was one thing that I had trouble with when I was younger and also my muscle reflexes don’t respond to usual testing.

The picture to the right Is an MRI image.  It Shows both signs of Hydrocephalus and Dandy-Walker syndrome the dark triangle at the bottom of the picture is the enlarged 4th Ventricle (Dandy-Walker) and the butterfly shaped part is enlarged left and right ventricles (Hydrocephalus)