What is Smartthings?

Smartthings is a home automation system that enables your to secure, monitor and control your home from anywhere. It has an easy to use app for both android and IOS.

Why I chose Smartthings.

If you have read part one to this blog you may remember that I had already set up Philips hue, to try to solve a problem, but I didn’t have the control that I wanted. I looked at many home automation systems such as insteon lightwave rf, z wave and zigbee. The reason I sided with smartthings over the other choices was that it didn’t just use its own signal to its own branded sensors but it was also compatible with other sensors from zigbee and z-wave. This would give me more flexibility to add different types of sensors. Smartthings was also directly compatible with the Philips hue system that I was already using.

What did I purchase first?

The first smartthings devices I brought was the starter kit it retails for around £199 and in the box you get everything that you need to get started. It contains the hub that connects all the devices together and 4 sensors. You can purchase the hub and sensors separately if choose.

Smartthings App
Smartthings has an App on IOS, Android and Windows stores Which enables you to monitor and control your smart phone devices as well as set up automations based on your preferances

The main page of the app has the monitor. Here you can arm the security side of the app that changes how your devices respond for example you have a motion sensor that turns on the light when you’re at home but once you have left the house and smart things is set to arm, instead of turning on the light it will notify you of an intrusion once motion has been detected.

The part of the app that I find myself using more often is the things part of the app. Here I can turn lights and devices on or off and see the status of the individual devices.




The picture to left shows the light in the Kids bedroom. I can turn to on or off and even change the brightness which is handy when they go to bed and want a little light until they fall asleep I can then turn off their light once I know there asleep from anywhere in the house.

The main benefit that I think I have Home Automation is when the system does things for itself Using Automations that I have set up. For example when the front door opens it turns the light on that’s by the door that way we don’t have to stumble around in the dark until one of us turns on the light. Another example is how I have the bathroom lights set up. During the early morning and the evening when a motion detector senses that someone is in the bathroom it turns the lights on at 100% and turns the lights off again once motion stops and during the night when everyone is asleep if someone wakes ups and goes to the bathroom, instead of the light turning on at 100% it turns it on at 10% which is enough light to see what you’re doing but not enough light to hurt your eyes. I have found that this automation works really well so I’m going to do the same automation rule with the lights in the hallway and the stairs so that as you walk to the bathroom the lights in the hallway does the same thing. It is really useful if you have younger children in the house as they can’t reach the wall lights and also have a tendency to leave lights on.

The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities for home automation are endless. With a little thought you could achieve anything for example you could have the lights in your house gently wake you up in the morning and once your awake the lights could fade as the blinds or curtains open themselves or another example could be that when a water sensor detects and leak from a burst pipe it could automatically turn of your water main and then notify you that the water has been turned off and suggests for you to call a plumber. This could save you lots of money from water damages.

If you would like more information you can visit smart things website at here

And if you would like to purchase any of the products that I have mentioned please click the links below that will take you directly to the product on amazon.