How to Make the school run less stressful

Many parents that do the school run in the morning often say that it is one of the most stressful times of the day.  If your one of those parents then there are some useful things that you could start doing to help your school run easier.


The main trick to a less stressful morning is the to prepare the night before.  Some of the things you may want to do…

  1. Make Lunches – For all those that have packed lunches, make them the night before and keep them in the fridge.
  2. Uniform – Lay out the Uniform including socks and underwear to avoid searching in the morning.
  3. Bags – Make sure that all the bags are packed with all that your child will need for the following day, for example one of my sons is in preschool so needs a spare change of clothes in his bag incase he has any accidents.
  4. Forms – Make sure that any forms or paper work that needs signing is signed and placed in there bags as well.
  5. Seasonal Clothes – Get in the habit of keeping seasonal clothes all together with shoes and coats and make sure that nothing is missing.
  6. Breakfast – Breakfast is classed by many as the most important meal of the day, yet many still skip breakfast.  Make preparations for breakfast the night before.

You may also find it less stressful by not taking the car, and instead walking or if you live too far from school try taking the kids on bikes or scooters.  Many schools now have a place that you can keep the bikes during the day.  Just make sure that you use all necessary safety gear like helmets and you may want to consider locks for the bikes.

6 Tips to help get rid of Headaches.


Headaches are a common problem with people of all ages.  Some get them more frequently and more intensive than others, but there is usually a simple reason why you may be getting the pain.  Common causes of headaches include stress, tension, restlessness, sinus problems, migraines, lack of sleep and dehydration.  If you can work out the main reason if any you can quickly determine the best course of action.  Here are some tips you can try yourself at home.



1. Drink some water.  One of the reasons you may be getting a headache could be that your dehydrated and simply drinking some wat
er can help alleviate  the pain.

2. Sleep.  Another simple reason you may be getting a headache could be lack of sleep.
Even if you have had enough sleep the night before you normally won’t feel pain in your sleep so sleeping will help you pass the time whilst the pain wears off.

3. Hot or Cold Compress. 
Depending on the type of photogallery_congestion_remedies_05_full.jpgheadache you experiencing you can place either a hot or cold compress to help with the pain.  Cold compress such as ice packs when placed on your forehead and temples can help with stress headaches.  The cold temperature will help shrink the blood vessels in the area and increase blood circulation.  It can also help numb the area.  Hot compress on the other hand can help relax muscles that could be tense and help reduce the throbbing pain.  Try either or and stick to what works best for you i prefer the cold compress as it works best for me.

4. Natural remedies.  There are many natural remedies that have been claimed to help with Headaches.  Some of which are fmd-021-un-1kg-nirvana-oil-free-sea-salted-almonds

  • Drinking lemon water
  • Eating apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger helps with inflammation of the blood vessels
  • Lavender oil scent helps with relaxation and head pain
  • Peppermint in food and oil scents can also help with headaches
  • Almonds contain  salicin which is believed to be a natural pain reliever
  • eucalyptus oil

Not all natural remedies work for everyone so I suggest to try them and see what works best for you.

5. Look after your Gut! many believe that your gut and your brain are linked and if you have a healthy gut you will have a healthy brain.  Make sure you exercise regularly and eat healthy.  You may also have an intolerance to some foods that could be triggering headaches so it could be worth while to try and see if eating particular types of food are giving you the pain.

Yogatest1.png6. Destress yourself. Stress is a big trigger for many people.  Try and find an activity that will help you destress daily.  This could be something like Practising Yoga or Tai Chi, reading a book, going for a walk or taking a bath.